Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hemp Twine and Beeswax Lighter

I reserve my lungs for breathing, but I guess all the smokers are excited to use beeline to light their bowls because it's a lower temperature than a lighter has and doesn't burn everything up as fast, also it smells nice. I went into a smokeshop with my mister and he spent $4.99 on 10 feet of hemp twine with beeswax on it. Even though it's not the only expensive thing he burns right up, it's something I can make so I gathered up some hemp twine and begged some beeswax from a neighbor.

Here are my ingredients:
I checked the stoner forums about making your own wick, not really thinking I needed instructions but just because I am in the habit of researching things. Well, it was a bit horrifying. Someone wondered if the wax kept the twine from burning too fast, because "wax doesn't combust" and was therefore optional. And a different poster wondered if there was some way to heat the wax into a liquid but didn't know if it was possible. I didn't at all want to make an account to answer the question of whether wax melts (ok, seriously, where do you imagine the wax goes when you burn it?) but I hope their lives go well. God.

So, you melt the beeswax, dip the twine, wipe off the excess with your fingers, then remelt on top of paper towels to get a bit more off, then wrap in the little fly aways.

I tested it to make sure it didn't burn super fast because I don't want anyone's basement on fire. And it smelled good.